Happy New Year from Vanity Affair Events

It’s hard to believe January is almost beneath us and we welcomed 2019 just a few short weeks ago.

The holidays are always a whirlwind, and when you include a wedding among that mix, they fly even quicker than you can imagine (can't wait to share our December wedding with you, though!)

My name is Kelsey Timberlake and I am the woman behind Vanity Affair Events. Thank you for being here and supporting this little glimpse into my day to day that includes weddings, two pups I adore, a boyfriend I love and everything in between. It can get a little messy around here and I hope you find humor in who I am, what I do and the authenticity behind my work.

I am entering my 5th full wedding season as a boutique company specializing in luxury intimate events. As you may have gathered, my time is split between my Native Portland roots and Palm Springs, California, both of which are my happy places and where my offices reside.

I am so anxious to share what we’re creating this year. 2018 was by far one of my most cherished seasons and I am humbled to have been on this journey with 24 couples.

Cheers to a new year. To a fresh start. And to the newly engaged. Can't wait to create together!




Luxury Jewish Wedding in Portland, OR

When I first met with Giulia and Ryan for their September wedding at Exchange Ballroom, a couple of things became very apparent: food and service were of utmost importance to them. As Giulia’s Father works in the restaurant industry in New York, their guests were accustomed to a level of quality, presentation and caliber of service that was unmatched.


To ensure not a single detail fell short, it was essential that multiple menu tastings were had. Tastings happen to be one my absolute favorite aspects of wedding planning, so of course, we were happy to oblige. We worked closely with Vibrant Table to create a beautiful custom menu of seasonal items while highlighting North West cuisine, as most guests were traveling from around tall over the world to be here in Portland with us. We were able to narrow down our surf and turf entree selection to roasted wild salmon with smoked sea salt, grilled fennel, spicy pickled figs with herbed polenta cakes and seasonal vegetables, along with grilled filet mignon, pinot noir demi glaze, blue cheese mashed potatoes, tarragon butter baby carrots, and fried sage leaves. Guests were elated with rave reviews to the chef over the menu. Wines from the Willamette Valley were served tableside.

The menu was not the only aspect of their wedding that was elevated to give guests a true restaurant quality dining experience; we increased the number of servers to make sure tables were well serviced, rented all specialty serving ware, including a glass charger and blue velvet linen napkins from La Tavola. As guests dined by candlelight, the live band playing classic hits to add to the undeniable ambiance.

Thankful for the opportunity to collaborate with clients to allow us at Vanity Affair Events bring these ideas to fruition.




Love Wins.

Having the opportunity to work with people all over the world is something I will never take for granted. It’s connected me with so many amazing people who have taught me many lessons along the way, and George and Tim are two people who I am so thankful our paths crossed.

When I met George and Tim the only common thread between the two of them when wedding plans were discussed was that they both agreed it was Palm Springs or Bust! Aside from that, they had different interpretations of what their celebration looked like and that’s truly what made planning their weekend in Palm Springs so special.

So often people think you have to have the same ideas as your partner when you picture your wedding day and believe it or not, you don’t. Some aspects of the planning process may be more important to you than others, and being a good listener while also voicing your opinion is what makes the planning process so rewarding in the end. A glass of wine or two along the way doesn’t hurt, either!

Their weekend was all about celebrating those who surround them. A guest list of nearly 150 people and the amount of love that filled Frank Sinatra’s Twin Palms Estate is indescribable. With their cake table draped in a handwoven linen from George’s mother who passed too early, to all guest’s placing a hand on one another during their ceremony to spread love and positive energy, to the grand entrance welcoming loved ones with a step a repeat, this is a wedding you didn’t want to miss.

It’s ok to be on different paths throughout the wedding planning process if you know your destination is the same. It’s how we get there that makes it worthwhile.

Love wins,


Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Is it just me or does fall illicit the travel bug? Summer has come to a close, the coziness of cooler months sets in and long nights on the couch, lend to many hours searching flights and hotels. Lucky for me, Vanity Affair Events keeps me busy scouting destination wedding venues all over the world and often leaves me wondering, why didn’t I tie the knot abroad?

It’s no surprise that destination weddings are on the rise and for good reason, we are a generation of adventure seekers. But the ultimate question always comes, should I or shouldn’t I and how do you begin the process of planning an out of state, across country or even around the world wedding? The endless possibilities can be both exciting and also completely overwhelming. So if a destination wedding is something you have been dreaming about, here are a few things to consider while taking the leap into the unknown.


Can you accept guests not attending your destination wedding?
If the answer is no, you would be devastated at the thought of some of your closest friends or family not attending, then you will likely want to stick to a local wedding. When hosting out of town, you have to be ok with the fact that some guests are just not going to be able to make it. You can’t fault these guests - as they have to make a decision that right for them and even if they love you dearly, that may mean missing your big day. For many, creating a more intimate affair is what they are after and for those, a destination is perfect!

How Far is Too Far?
This depends on how small you want your wedding and what is financially doable for the people closest to you. For some families this will mean Italy and for others a resort a few hours from their hometown. Take a survey of your non-negotiable guests and if they are willing and excited to travel with you for this journey- then get to booking!

Summer, Fall, Winter, or Spring
Consider the time of year for your guests. To me the most ideal time to travel is in the winter and spring. The spring ache’s for vacations and thus your guests will be more excited to get out of dodge! Summers are filled with personal commitments, the weather at home is already warm, and the fall is cozy and people have already long spent their tax returns. To me the most ideal time for a destination wedding is February thru April.

What is the appropriate amount of time to notify your guest’s of your destination wedding in order to plan accordingly?
Give your guests no less than 6 months to plan a trip to your wedding. This may seem short, but over at Vanity Affair Events, our sweet spot for planning is truly around 9 months, so notifying guests at the 6 month mark is totally fair. However, if you are hosting a summer wedding or international destination than a year is necessary.


When in Rome

I woke up this morning and was greeted with a memory on Facebook to exactly three years ago to the day when I was standing outside the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. It was in that moment as I laid in bed that I realized how fast time really does pass and it inspired me to take some time and walk down memory lane to a trip I will never forget.

This trip to Europe was decided two weeks before I departed. Colleen and Lisa were working overseas and a lighthearted conversation later, I booked my ticket during a two week window I didn’t have any weddings and off I went. As I sit here writing this, I want to bring to light that although I am a Planner by day, some of the most amazing experiences that have happened in my life are the ones unplanned. I crave the unexpected. The unfamiliarity.

Our trip truly could have been a movie. Three single women, overseas and you took one look at us and you really knew we were embracing the saying ‘the world is your oyster.’ We enjoyed picnics at every historical site imaginable, stopped for wine every 2-3 hours as it seemed like the way of life and hopped on a private chartered wood sailboat to experience the Blue Lagoon off the island of Capri and it was unlike anything I could have ever imagined.

As our boat docked back on Positano, three young gentleman who were helping guest’s off, approached us to show us what Positano was all about. Let me make one thing clear: we knew we were not the first women to be graced with their presence off the boat, but they offered to pick us up that evening (by scooter!) and show us their home. As many of you may have guessed, I was sold before he could finish the sentence.

And just like Kristen Bell in When in Rome, we were whisked off our feet at 10PM sharp by three young men on scooters and we danced, laughed and cruised the streets of Positano until early in the morning, when we’d make our sneaky escape (from our own AirBNB, get your minds out of the gutter!) to head back to the states.

Cheers to more adventure. To the unexpected. And to friends who are right alongside you every step of the way.



Waverley Country Club, Portland, Oregon

Distance may make the heart grow fonder and in this case it absolutely did, but music was the real common denominator for Sarah and Geoff's beginning. 

It was an Avicii concert in Los Angeles, both entered as strangers and left not knowing one day they would marry, but they knew they left with something more than a great show. 

Sarah and Geoff decided to marry in Portland, Oregon where Geoff was born and raised. They love the city, the concept of a destination wedding for Sarah's family and friends having grown up in Texas and wanted to give guest's a taste of why the Pacific Northwest is now home for them. With Oregon known for their great outdoors, they wanted to showcase as much of that as possible as their backdrop, landing on Waverley Country Club, Portland's 100 year old private club that sits on the Willamette River. 

Their July wedding was nothing short of stunning, but every aspect of it was intentional, making this day more special than they could have imagined. From the custom embroidered napkins, to butler passed frose' in cocktail hour to the floral draped escort wall and cold cloths on arrival for a warm summer day, it was an experience that provided class, comfort and formality, which was the couple's goal throughout the entire planning process. 

Sarah and Geoff danced the night away, their first dance song by Avicii paying tribute to the night they met, filled with glow sticks, custom denim jackets, late night snacks and a colored smoke bomb grand exit. It was a day filled with love, laughter and the start to their next chapter as The Nichols!



Photography by Valorie Darling

Tuscany Inspired Styled Shoot

You are probably thinking how crazy we are for scheduling and designing a shoot in the thick of wedding season, right? And you're right, we are a little crazy and it is why we do what we do with the people we do it with. 

In June we had the opportunity to collaborate with a team of professionals that we had been eager to work with outside of a real wedding for quite some time. It was my inspiration to design with the countryside as our backdrop and almost a Tuscan feel to the overall palette and I am extremely proud of the product we produced. 

What inspired this entire design was the base linen I selected from La Tavola. It is a color I had pondered and it resonated with me because it can lend itself to both a summer or fall feel and I truly loved the versatility of that concept, being we're in the thick of summer, but fall is quickly approaching. 

My personal style is simple yet tasteful. You won't find me cluttering tables (unless I am under strict guidance from a client!) and I believe in small details with a large impact.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as we do and I can't thank this team enough for their unbelievable work and commitment!




Photography by Carlos Hernandez

Kelsey's Interview with Delish

Opinions. It's true, I have a a few of them, but don't we all?

I had the opportunity to chat with Delish as they really wanted to dig deep into my thoughts and feelings on signature cocktails, which as we all know has become quite the sensation over the last few years- similar to the donut wall, am I right?

The interview is strictly opinion based and it's just one opinion- mine, but what I do hope is that it makes you think, makes you laugh and you walk away really deciding what's important to you and your fiancé as you plan such an intimate time in your lives. It's a day you are meant to be celebrated and my hope is that your celebration remains reflective of who you are and what is most important to you. I wouldn't be an asset to your team if I didn't make you think and that's what I intend to you. 

Thank you for reading. Your love and support is far greater than you know. Enjoy!




Images are the property of Pinterest and not that of Vanity Affair Events. 

Coastal Styled Shoot

If you’ve been following our Instagram, you may have seen a few highlights from a recent styled shoot we collaborated on at the Oregon Coast. What was this shoot inspired by you ask? The inspiration behind this shoot began with a single chair from Vintage meets Modern, as they reminded Danielle of chairs often seen in bistros on the French Riviera.

PNW Wedding Photographer Jenny Losee  (13 of 308).jpg

When asking Danielle what her overall vision was for this shoot she replied with the words of not wanting it to feel like the Oregon Coast, but rather an intimate elopement or wedding that could be duplicated on any coast. Pulling from the natural color palette of the beach, not limited to, the sand, beach wood, rocks and salt water. Florals were envisioned to be the only aspect of the table provided an actual pop of color, so they would really feel elevated through the lens of the camera. For the tablescape, modern and minimalist was the overall feel we were aiming for while still achieving an upscale appearance (that's our style!). We brought in handmade ceramic plates, matching La Tavola table linen with a napkin and matte silverware to complete the look. Pulling more modern vibes through in our cake by making it square as opposed to round, for a juxtaposition of the dinnerware.

PNW Wedding Photographer Jenny Losee  (302 of 308).jpg

The Coast can be risky, especially during the early Spring months with concerns of overcast weather. To our dismay, the day cleared up and graced us with the right amount of sunlight and clouds allowing us to get the perfect daytime and golden hour photos. The sand dunes absorbed the light as the ocean water glistened. I see why they call it the magic hour. See for yourself in grid below or in our Styled Shoots tab.

PNW Wedding Photographer Jenny Losee  (301 of 308).jpg


Planning + Design: Vanity Affair Events
Photography: Jenny Losee
Hair: Swept Away Wedding Hair Design
Makeup: Whitney Stassi Artistry
Florals: Ponderosa & Thyme
Stationery: Briar and Brambles Paper Co.
Cake: Dream Cakes PDX

Rentals: Vintage Meets Modern
Rentals: Wolf Ceramics
Linens: La Tavola
Dress: Carol Hannah Bridal
Hair Accessories/Veil: Twigs & Honey
Groom's attire: The Black Tux
Rings + Jewelry: Alchemy Jeweler

Investing in Design

Investing in specialty rentals allows you to create a customized experience you and your guests will never forget.

We have compiled a bulleted list on the areas Planner's believe rentals can help make a difference; here is why.

With specialty rental companies across the board providing unique and statement pieces it is easy to get lost in dreaming up your day. Let’s see if we can pinpoint where rentals can benefit you most!

·      Chairs. In 8 out of 10 cases, chairs that are used for the ceremony seating will also be used for your reception. If you are having a rooftop ceremony, you may opt out of using the venues in house tin folding chairs. In this case, you may splurge for the clear acrylic chairs, which will carry through a light and airy presence to go hand in hand with your open sky concept and blend into your manicured reception.

·      Cocktail hour. This is where we tend to see our couples incorporate twists of personal style and creativity without feeling as if they are compromising the overall feel of their ceremony and reception. Lounge areas have really taken cocktail hours to all new heights. A romantic loveseat here, a custom bar set-up there.

·      Linens. Tablecloths and napkins are perfect focal point to bring in colors or textures. Solids can be accompanied by a bold pattern or complementary material. Take velvet for example, yes velvet; it is an effortless way to give your table the elevated touch you might be looking for.

·      Tableware.  From brushed metallic to matte silverware in an array of styles, you can bring a table to life with the best fork and knife combo that ever so beautify contributes to the perfect ceramic plate or classic set of glassware.

·      Dessert. You can not go wrong with a well-designed cake table. We are determined to get back to the simplicity of cakes. Essential elements to remember when designing your cake table can be as straightforward as a draped table runner with a classic cake stand surrounded by votives.

As you round out your list of rental needs, take a dive into what it is that you want to highlight on your big day and don't hesitate to follow our own work and daily inspiration on Pinterest



Photography by Maria Lamb and (2) lounge seating images courtesy of Pinterest.