Planner Number Two

I’m Danielle, event planner number two, aka, Kelsey’s right hand woman. I love organization and days when things just seem to fall perfectly into place. I’m a sucker for romance - I’ll be the one crying in the back while you walk down the aisle, and at your first dance and possibly at every speech - don’t worry, I can work and cry at the same time. I’m fairly skilled at multi-tasking. 

Robby Cavanaugh Photography

Robby Cavanaugh Photography

Food, family and friends are my most cherished trifecta! None without the other makes any sense in life. 

Prior to joining Vanity Affair Events I spent 85% of my life planning, from the most detailed trip to Europe, to my weekly dinner menu, so it was only fitting to call it quits with my day job (as a School Counselor) and do what I love most 100% of the time!

Did I mention I became a wedding planner, in the midst of planning my own wedding?! Yes indeed. There he is below, my sweet man.

Planning your own wedding while becoming a wedding planner . . . well I have to be honest, it's amazing, but can lend itself to Planning Overload, a real condition that stops you from functioning in the non-wedding world.