Giving Thanks to all the Best Things in 2017

Every day is a good time to remember the things we’re thankful for. But it is nice to have a reminder to do this as our year winds down and we have the opportunity to really feel what this year was about. It’s easy to reflect and think about things like having a roof over our heads or food on the table, but we have a few things specific to Vanity Affair Events that we’re grateful for.

Our Clients–Past, Current, and Future

We couldn’t do what we do without you. You help us grow and learn, inspire us with ideas, and allow us to be a part of one of the most important days of your life. The excitement of bringing your vision together and seeing you revel in it is something we could never put a price on. Your memories and intimate moments are so special to us, so thank you for letting us be a part of that.

Experiences: Both Good and Bad

You can’t learn if you don’t go through moments to learn from. This year held a lot of those and we are able to appreciate the ideas, advice, and feedback we received looking back on them. In the moment, it can be difficult to understand what we’re supposed to learn from a disaster or harsh comment. When you have the chance to look back it’s a lot easier to understand. Whether it was something we learned that we were doing well or something we needed to improve, we’re grateful for all of it.

Each Other

Kelsey’s fierce spirit and undeniable leadership are so important when it comes to pushing through tough situations and celebrating victories. She keeps us away from panicking, but at the same time keeps us determined to work through any mishap. Danielle has a way with words and clients, and always knows how to stay on top of proposals, contracts, and emails. She does this all while keeping smiles on the couples’ faces and excitement in their planning process. Alex is incredible at keeping the team calm while troubleshooting in an inimitable way. She’s quick thinking and analytically fires off all the right solutions when nerves get to others. Each team member plays a vital role in Vanity Affair Events and all we do. Without one of them it would feel lopsided.

New Opportunities

With every year comes new challenges, but to complement that are new opportunities. These are the moments that make us want to throw confetti and know this is what we want to be doing. We planned a record number of weddings and already have an exciting amount in the works for 2018. We moved into a new office space, making room for new ideas and a place that feels like ours. Contracts were signed for weddings with our first same-sex couples, filling us with so much joy at the thought of expanding our community and catering to every person. We are so thankful for these new opportunities, and are looking forward to the ones in store for 2018.