Coastal Styled Shoot

If you’ve been following our Instagram, you may have seen a few highlights from a recent styled shoot we collaborated on at the Oregon Coast. What was this shoot inspired by you ask? The inspiration behind this shoot began with a single chair from Vintage meets Modern, as they reminded Danielle of chairs often seen in bistros on the French Riviera.

PNW Wedding Photographer Jenny Losee  (13 of 308).jpg

When asking Danielle what her overall vision was for this shoot she replied with the words of not wanting it to feel like the Oregon Coast, but rather an intimate elopement or wedding that could be duplicated on any coast. Pulling from the natural color palette of the beach, not limited to, the sand, beach wood, rocks and salt water. Florals were envisioned to be the only aspect of the table provided an actual pop of color, so they would really feel elevated through the lens of the camera. For the tablescape, modern and minimalist was the overall feel we were aiming for while still achieving an upscale appearance (that's our style!). We brought in handmade ceramic plates, matching La Tavola table linen with a napkin and matte silverware to complete the look. Pulling more modern vibes through in our cake by making it square as opposed to round, for a juxtaposition of the dinnerware.

PNW Wedding Photographer Jenny Losee  (302 of 308).jpg

The Coast can be risky, especially during the early Spring months with concerns of overcast weather. To our dismay, the day cleared up and graced us with the right amount of sunlight and clouds allowing us to get the perfect daytime and golden hour photos. The sand dunes absorbed the light as the ocean water glistened. I see why they call it the magic hour. See for yourself in grid below or in our Styled Shoots tab.

PNW Wedding Photographer Jenny Losee  (301 of 308).jpg


Planning + Design: Vanity Affair Events
Photography: Jenny Losee
Hair: Swept Away Wedding Hair Design
Makeup: Whitney Stassi Artistry
Florals: Ponderosa & Thyme
Stationery: Briar and Brambles Paper Co.
Cake: Dream Cakes PDX

Rentals: Vintage Meets Modern
Rentals: Wolf Ceramics
Linens: La Tavola
Dress: Carol Hannah Bridal
Hair Accessories/Veil: Twigs & Honey
Groom's attire: The Black Tux
Rings + Jewelry: Alchemy Jeweler

Investing in Design

Investing in specialty rentals allows you to create a customized experience you and your guests will never forget.

We have compiled a bulleted list on the areas Planner's believe rentals can help make a difference; here is why.

With specialty rental companies across the board providing unique and statement pieces it is easy to get lost in dreaming up your day. Let’s see if we can pinpoint where rentals can benefit you most!

·      Chairs. In 8 out of 10 cases, chairs that are used for the ceremony seating will also be used for your reception. If you are having a rooftop ceremony, you may opt out of using the venues in house tin folding chairs. In this case, you may splurge for the clear acrylic chairs, which will carry through a light and airy presence to go hand in hand with your open sky concept and blend into your manicured reception.

·      Cocktail hour. This is where we tend to see our couples incorporate twists of personal style and creativity without feeling as if they are compromising the overall feel of their ceremony and reception. Lounge areas have really taken cocktail hours to all new heights. A romantic loveseat here, a custom bar set-up there.

·      Linens. Tablecloths and napkins are perfect focal point to bring in colors or textures. Solids can be accompanied by a bold pattern or complementary material. Take velvet for example, yes velvet; it is an effortless way to give your table the elevated touch you might be looking for.

·      Tableware.  From brushed metallic to matte silverware in an array of styles, you can bring a table to life with the best fork and knife combo that ever so beautify contributes to the perfect ceramic plate or classic set of glassware.

·      Dessert. You can not go wrong with a well-designed cake table. We are determined to get back to the simplicity of cakes. Essential elements to remember when designing your cake table can be as straightforward as a draped table runner with a classic cake stand surrounded by votives.

As you round out your list of rental needs, take a dive into what it is that you want to highlight on your big day and don't hesitate to follow our own work and daily inspiration on Pinterest



Photography by Maria Lamb and (2) lounge seating images courtesy of Pinterest. 

Hello Pinterest, We Meet Again

It’s true. We recently received one of the biggest wake-up calls, thanks to the inspiring woman herself, Jenna Kutcher, who reminded us of the power of Pinterest and the impact it has on our lives. What we didn’t realize, is the impact it was having on our brand and we dedicated nearly two long weeks to a complete overhaul, which we are so excited to share with you here.


“In all, Pinners save nearly 900 million Pins about weddings and conduct 378 million wedding-related searches every single year.” – Pinterest with Deep Focus, 2016. I read that statistic more times than you even want to know, but the reality was we were missing out on being included in the 378 million wedding-related searches and we’re back for revenge with beautiful content, inspiration and much of our own work that we are so proud to contribute to our industry and the world of visual stimulation.

Knowing how influential images can be during this process, we curated our page to give our audience a glimpse of who we are at Vanity Affair Events.


Join us on our social media journey because we promise it is a journey you won’t want to miss!



Vanity Affair Events

Sikh Wedding on Green Wedding Shoes

Last July was an experience I will never forget. When I met Karta Purkh and Siri Adi nearly nine months prior, I was eager at the opportunity to plan and design a Sikh wedding as I had never personally done so before. There was so much to learn, so much to embrace and these two guided me along a journey that I couldn’t have ever imagined. It was as if we taught each other about our worlds and collaborated to create what you see here.

From the beginning it was described as a weekend, rather than a day, where their friends and family would travel from all over the world to be in Oregon to celebrate their union, but also a tribute to those who surround them and in return, it was a celebration for all. In addition, Karta Purkh, a talented designer, curated and executed all of her own stationery you'll see featured throughout. 

A beautiful ceremony, where guests relaxed on vibrant rugs and pillows, removed their shoes upon entering out of respect and where live music filled the air to create a calm, welcoming environment as people would come and go over a 90 minute period. Breathtaking to say the least, especially if you’ve never witnessed a Sikh ceremony.

Between morning ceremony and evening reception, guests enjoyed the afternoon at the pool, had a picnic in our Weekend Lounge and enjoyed everything the Pacific Northwest is while both Karta Purkh and Siri Adi had a wardrobe change from day to night. 

The evening graced us with an amazing family style dinner, speeches that left goosebumps and a dance party that would have never ended if given the choice. 



A Modern Couple's Guide to Valentine's Day

You most likely belong to one of two groups when it comes to Valentine’s Day. You’re either the passionate person who can’t stand the idea of a commercialized love holiday – you strongly believe we should show love and affection all year round (and Hallmark won’t be taking your money). Or you’re obsessed with the idea of a holiday that celebrates one of the greatest feelings ­– love. Maybe you’re somewhere in the middle, but we certainly all lean one way or the other.

Feelings aside, the red metallic balloons will appear, the conversation hearts will be near every check-out stand, and February 14th will show up no matter what. Being in the wedding industry, we also love love. We’re focused and driven on making your day run as smooth as possible, but we have to admit seeing a first look or hearing heartfelt vows makes us a little emotional.

We know too, that love continues after the celebrations, parties, and honeymoons. So in hopes of helping you strengthen your bond and kick butt at life as a newlywed couple, we’ve compiled some ideas for dates and gifts that will make Valentine’s Day feel a bit more personalized and special.

Date Ideas

Going out to eat might seem like a no brainer for cupid’s holiday, but oftentimes this can be more stressful than fun.  You can make reservations in advance, but many restaurants will have fixed price menus. Not to mention, the setting won’t feel as intimate with couples crowding into tables next to you. Portland-based couples should take a trip to Powell’s to pick out a new recipe book. Cook a meal together at home and then focus on something else fun for the night. If you’ve got a competitive edge, you should each make a dish and taste test to determine the winner.

If you decide to go out, revamp dinner and a movie with dinner and a play or concert. Rather than watching A-listers on the silver screen, you can enjoy local talent at many of Portland’s main stages. Everything from comedy shows poking fun at the holiday to sexy vaudeville shows are available in Portland this year. You can find an event that fits you best on the Portland Mercury’s calendar.

If the waterfront is calling your name, but it’s too chilly for a stroll, the Portland Spirit is hosting a Valentine’s Day cruise. Your ticket price includes a four course meal, a live band, and views of the city skyline and lights that you can’t get from anywhere else. 

For something a little different this year, take a brewery tour with Brewvana on the 14th. You can purchase tickets on their website and join the group for a slight buzz from all the beer (and love). Don’t worry about finding dinner, there will be food pairings, dinner, and dessert included. 

For you diehard rip city fans, the Blazers will be playing Golden state Valentine’s Day night. Grab your partner and get ready to go hoarse from cheering. Afterwards, sneak off to Salt & Straw to taste their February flavors–you know waiting in this line is worth it. Feeling a bit sneaky, but not too sneaky? Head up to Council Crest to get a chilly viewing of the stars that night and a breathtaking view of the city. (Careful, you’re there past curfew).


Gift Ideas

For Her

This year, set down the box of chocolates and pick out something that she’ll love beyond Valentine’s Day. We’re never one to turn away a treat, but a thoughtful gift makes her feel the time and effort you put into thinking about her. Here’s a few ideas.

Candles – Both Voluspa and Nest candles are fan favorites, and there is definitely a scent for every person. Whether she prefers tobacco and musk or citrus and coconut, a candle will make her place smell great and feel cozy.

Lingerie – This gift is a win-win for both of you. You’ll get to appreciate how amazing she looks in it, and she’ll feel confident and stunning. You know her well, so make sure you don’t buy a red hot lacy piece if she’s more fond of black satin garments. Hanky Panky sells a set of three lace panties in a heart-shaped box, and that certainly beats predictable heart chocolates. 

Leather bag – A new bag will always come in handy, and a high quality leather one will last for years. She’ll think of you every time she uses it and will be happy to receive a present that’s both stylish and useful. Madewell and Frye have selections that are perfect for the PNW vibe but transition well for any occasion no matter where she goes. 

Perfume – Redefining your look with a new scent can be exciting. With a new scent she can decide which fits her best each day. There’s also something so chic about a stylish glass bottle that can serve as a piece of decor for her dresser or nightstand. A spray from Jo Malone or Le Labo Santal 33 are luxe little splurges that she’ll adore. 

Sweater – She can never have too many sweaters, especially during the rainy season. A soft cozy one for lounging around the house is always a good idea or a chunky knit piece she can throw on before heading out the door will no doubt be a closet essential for her. 

For Him

While we can’t assume all couples are the same, men can typically be a bit more relaxed about what they like. While this makes shopping easier, it can also be frustrating when trying to find something that will really make him feel special. You love him a lot, so we have you covered with gifts that surpass chocolates and wine.

Sweatshirt – This may be the biggest wardrobe staple for a lot of men, but a sweatshirt that he can cozy up in at home or wear out to the bar is the perfect combination. Patagonia and True Grit both have styles that are streetwear savvy and ready for football Sunday at home. 

Cologne – A signature scent is something he can be remembered by when he’s on a trip or traveling for business. It’s a small, but opulent gesture for someone you care about. Le Labo Santal 33 makes scents for both women and men or you can stick with classics from Dolce & Gabbana and Calvin Klein. 

Craft Beer Tasting Kit – One of the best things about being in Portland, or on the west coast in general, is the selection of beers and spirits. You can purchase him a tasting kit so he can taste test new microbrews and IPAs. Or create your own by stopping at different breweries to fashion a DIY version that you can customize to his taste preferences. 

Boxers – Not just any pack, but gift him with a pair of comfy, cloud-like ones. Calvin Klein makes them out of micromodal material, which feels silky smooth and soft to the touch. He’ll look super handsome, and he’ll never want another type of underwear in his drawer after getting these. 

Laptop Case – Useful and stylish, he’ll appreciate having something that keeps his files safe. He won’t have to slip his computer into his bag and worry about damage, especially with a sturdy leather sleeve. Nordstrom, Amazon, and Madewell all have cases fit for your hard working guy.

With love,



Images used from Pinterest and not the work or property of Vanity Affair Events.

Giving Thanks to all the Best Things in 2017

Every day is a good time to remember the things we’re thankful for. But it is nice to have a reminder to do this as our year winds down and we have the opportunity to really feel what this year was about. It’s easy to reflect and think about things like having a roof over our heads or food on the table, but we have a few things specific to Vanity Affair Events that we’re grateful for.

Our Clients–Past, Current, and Future

We couldn’t do what we do without you. You help us grow and learn, inspire us with ideas, and allow us to be a part of one of the most important days of your life. The excitement of bringing your vision together and seeing you revel in it is something we could never put a price on. Your memories and intimate moments are so special to us, so thank you for letting us be a part of that.

Experiences: Both Good and Bad

You can’t learn if you don’t go through moments to learn from. This year held a lot of those and we are able to appreciate the ideas, advice, and feedback we received looking back on them. In the moment, it can be difficult to understand what we’re supposed to learn from a disaster or harsh comment. When you have the chance to look back it’s a lot easier to understand. Whether it was something we learned that we were doing well or something we needed to improve, we’re grateful for all of it.

Each Other

Kelsey’s fierce spirit and undeniable leadership are so important when it comes to pushing through tough situations and celebrating victories. She keeps us away from panicking, but at the same time keeps us determined to work through any mishap. Danielle has a way with words and clients, and always knows how to stay on top of proposals, contracts, and emails. She does this all while keeping smiles on the couples’ faces and excitement in their planning process. Alex is incredible at keeping the team calm while troubleshooting in an inimitable way. She’s quick thinking and analytically fires off all the right solutions when nerves get to others. Each team member plays a vital role in Vanity Affair Events and all we do. Without one of them it would feel lopsided.

New Opportunities

With every year comes new challenges, but to complement that are new opportunities. These are the moments that make us want to throw confetti and know this is what we want to be doing. We planned a record number of weddings and already have an exciting amount in the works for 2018. We moved into a new office space, making room for new ideas and a place that feels like ours. Contracts were signed for weddings with our first same-sex couples, filling us with so much joy at the thought of expanding our community and catering to every person. We are so thankful for these new opportunities, and are looking forward to the ones in store for 2018.



Inspiration for an Impeccable Holiday Party

As soon as the Halloween candy is gone and the pumpkins are shoved off the stoop we at Vanity Affair Events can’t help but get excited for the upcoming holidays. So much so that we’ve created a board on Pinterest centered on the inspiration and planning tips that make the best holiday gatherings. Whether you’re firing up the oven for a turkey roast, stringing lights on a tree, or breaking out the best family recipe for latkes–our inspiration board and quick list of tips will take your parties from traditional to memorable.



Getting creative with food

If you’re hosting a dinner party or even a gingerbread house decorating competition, spicing up the foods and items used can make the experience more memorable. Foam in hot chocolate cups can easily turn into snowman faces with a little bit of dye or some marshmallows. Incorporate unexpected flavors into main dishes that surprise but still are delectable. A smoky blueberry sauce over pork or a coconut maple glaze over carrots adds a bit of tasty variety. Guests often have a lot of fun with building their own plates. Instead of cooking everything, have a sophisticated potluck. Provide a few main dishes and ask guests to get creative, cook family recipes, or try something new. Your table-spread will look incredible for one, and everyone will have the chance to eat a dish they may have never eaten before.


Picking the perfect décor

Mixing DIY and store-bought decorations can cut down on stress and make your party look more put together. Save DIY projects for simple things such as table floral and paper garlands–this way if they turn out a little messy it still adds to the charm of the holidays and looks natural. Stick to purchasing place cards, artwork, and big holiday pieces to save you on time, unless of course this is a hobby or something you do for a living. Switch up the shades or hues for your décor. A mix of soft orange and red pastels are ideal for symbolizing the changing colors of fall time instead of brash primary tones. Instead of candy apple red and green, find a muted cranberry and a soft emerald or a deep maroon and evergreen. Replace ultramarine blue with a more delicate sky blue.


Planning out the night

While it feels easier to just let the night unfold for itself, planning activities, and meal and dessert times will help you stick to a timeline and avoid awkward stretches of nothing to do. Conversation will happen naturally, but having a flow of events in mind keeps the food, people, and activities on schedule. It doesn’t take much, a notebook paper and a few times jotted down will lessen the burden of entertaining. You want to be able to enjoy your event just as much as guests, so the more thinking ahead of time, the less you’ll have to do on the spot. We typically break things down by 15 or 30 minute increments within the hour at Vanity Affair, but for a relaxed function by the hour will do the trick. Setting times will also prevent certain meals or activities from dragging on and leaving you with guests that look like they won’t be leaving until the sun rises.


Go outside the box for activities

Gift exchanges can be enjoyable but tend to be overdone. And everyone most likely has already engaged in a few during the season. Spruce the idea up by pairing up guests as secret Santas, the less they know each other the more fun (social media stalking is their only help). Or ask guests to bring a card written with a charity of their choice and a small memento symbolizing it in a gift bag. Each guest pulls one and donates to that charity–it spreads awareness as well as warm feelings. There are tons of ideas and variations on traditional games or activities for every type of celebration. Guests will undoubtedly enjoy a twist on something they feel like they’ve played 50 times this season already. 

Pinterest Link:

Happy Holidays & Warm Wishes,


Romance in Monet Vineyards: A Styled Shoot

Elegance can be defined in multiple ways and everyone will hold a different idea of what it means to them. It can be tulle dresses and high-end events. It can be the way a ballet is performed, or even how a set or piece of art is arranged. For us, this styled shoot captured the word and intertwined it with the dream-like state that a wedding brings on–a feeling that’s especially inevitable at Monet Vineyards, the charming backdrop for this shoot.


While weddings are already intrinsically romantic, adding in those gossamer details and soft touches bring out the intimacy tenfold. Flowers and centerpieces created by Foraged Floral were the perfect addition to complement the shades of green around the venue while still standing out on their own. Savan Photography was the magic behind the lens and the combination of skills between Kiss and Makeup Artistry along with Swept Away Wedding Hair Design resulted in blushy, au natural looks for both the bride and groom. Alley & Co Calligraphy provided the finishing touches with delicately placed stationery.


Monet Vineyards was drenched in stunning, slightly overcast sun and ivy was draped and wrapped around nearly every building, wall, and gate. The ombré of greens were present all throughout the property with dusty lavender shrubs, deep emerald deciduous trees, and the evergreen forests far back on the hills. Every person on set enjoyed exploring every corner of the vineyards and shooting or styling in the open spaces with the perfect lighting and in the cozy nooks hidden by ivy. View the rest of the photos in the grid below or in our Styled Shoots tab. 



Stationery: Alley & Co Calligraphy 
Rentals: Something Borrowed
Dress: Elizabeth Mackenzie Bridal
Groom's attire: Stitch and Tie
Ring: Susie Saltzman
Models: Natalie Joublin + Bradley Emmens

Planning + design: Vanity Affair Events
Photography: Savan Photography
Hair: Swept Away Wedding Hair Design
Makeup: Kiss and Makeup Artistry
Venue: Monet Vineyards
Florals: Foraged Floral

Practice Doesn't Always Make Perfect

It can come close though. The popular saying “practice makes perfect” is pretty quickly undermined when you break into wedding planning. Weddings can be meticulously drafted out, every detail scrutinized once, twice, three times, and charted out by the half hour. But the unexpected and unpredictable are called those names for a reason. Despite the immense effort, attention to detail, and perfecting, something most likely always runs astray. While during your event you may never see the quick thinking that leads to a “perfect” façade, we believe in honesty and authenticity. No wedding planner is perfect, no matter how many years of experience are under his or her belt. One of the biggest mishaps that we had to troubleshoot was during a wedding this year.

Kelsey & Scott Wedding 539.jpg

About 100 proofs had been looked over throughout the planning process. Once, twice, three times always checking for errors. Pieces as minor as an accent mark over a letter to as big as the actual menu listings. Multiple sets of eyes on these projects are necessary because of how easy it is to miss the details.

This may not seem like a huge deal to some, but in this industry–the details are precisely the most important part. We had worked nearly six months with the family curating an unbelievable menu that was heavily focused on the wine pairing. The members of this family could easily be considered wine connoisseurs and it was essential that the time and care put into these food and beverage pairings were reflected on the menus. They were so excited and marinating in anticipation to share laughs and smiles over wine and food that were featured on this perfectly curated list.

The paper goods were hand delivered on Friday, on site in Bend, Oregon, which we should’ve collectively as a team checked and rechecked that box upon arrival.

Kelsey & Scott Wedding 598 (1).JPG

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. What had occurred with ours is the stationer sent the final proof and the wine that was being served strictly to the head table somehow got swapped to go to print, reflecting all guests would be enjoying this wine based on their menu. Kelsey had approved the final proof nearly 48 hours prior to delivery and it was an oversight on her end. In return, the wines got swapped on the stationery side unbeknownst to the designer as well. 

Come wedding day, Kelsey was down at the ceremony site while Alex and Danielle were at reception tending to different tasks. At 12:06 PM, Danielle came over the walkie talkies to inform Kelsey there was an issue. Not thinking much of it, Kelsey asked what kind of issue. Danielle and Alex proceeded to tell her that the menus were inaccurate.

A letter was off. A title was wrong. Maybe a design was bleeding off the edge. It could be anything. Kelsey wasn’t fazed or aware of the scale of the error until they explained to her that nearly 200 of the 220 menus printed were incorrect. Specifically reading the wrong wine the guests would be drinking.

Kelsey never panicked, but openly admits her heart sank to the bottom of her stomach. Feelings and blame had to be set aside in order to accurately and confidently go through the motions to pull this together at the last minute. She texted the stationer.  

“What are our solutions? Can we print? I have someone who will drive menus down in a heartbeat.”

“What time is dinner? Wait, ALL menus?”

IMG_4330 (1).PNG

The team didn’t have cell reception on site and after the initial texts they were using the only single landline on the property to contact everyone.

The odds that the stationer was home at 12 PM on a Saturday, had ordered double the amount of specialty paper, and had the resources to print within 90 minutes were enough to give goosebumps at the synchronicity of it all.

Vince, Kelsey's boyfriend, drove down from Portland to Bend without a single road hiccup in sight.

The Vanity Affair Events team ended up stalling all guests for ten minutes at cocktail hour. It was a sweltering day and the heat was uncomfortable, but it was necessary until they knew every menu had been placed.

After the day had ended and a fresh week started, the incident was starting to fade to the back of everyone's minds. Just when you believe you were quick enough to cover up the evidence to tell the story at a later date over wine–you're greeted with a text from amazing people who we get to call clients. And yes, pictured below is the incorrectly printed menus the client found under the piano the next morning and sent a picture before departing. 

Image-1 (1).jpg

This type of job is stressful. There are mistakes, accidents, and unexpected emergencies no matter how well you're prepared. Thankfully, you learn every time what you can do differently and what you would change. Anytime Kelsey is asked if this career is worth it, she thinks of this photo. 


And a look like that explains it all.


Photos by Tyler Branch

So You're the Anti-Planner, Eh?

Wedding planning is overwhelming, and when you have about 50-100 things being thrown your way on top of the opinions of parents and friends it can be hard to think straight and strategically plan a wedding you and your guests will enjoy.

It most likely doesn't help either when you despise planning. 

We previously wrote a post on how to make wedding planning fun for the planner and anti-planner, so now here's your guide to contributing when you want to do anything but contribute.

It's completely understandable to be that person. You can't be forced to like something or constantly fake a yes-honey-I-love-this-smile 24/7. But at the same time, it's also not fair to place all of the stress on your other half. While we're not saying to throw yourself headfirst into wedding planning abyss (please don't do that) there are several small acts you can do. 

1. Find what you like–or something close
What may seem like the most boring, time-consuming task to your fiancé/fiancée, you might actually enjoy. Is number-crunching something you could do in your sleep? Maybe you can figure out the best financial options for you both. Are you addicted to fashion and styling? Picking the colors for the décor, dresses, and tuxes for your wedding party might be more bearable. Is planning really the worst thing on planet earth to you? Go on that coffee run and grab their favorite latte for them.

Photo by  R  achel Jacobson

2. Give your opinion
You don't need to make an executive decision on whether you should use royal blue or cerulean on the save the dates, but offering your opinion can help take the pressure down a notch, and make your partner feel like you put your two cents in. Last minute sleep-deprived decisions can also be deterred thanks to your opinion so don't hold back.

3. Be the timer/referee
Having your entire lives revolve around the wedding is a surefire way to cause arguments and lose sight of any fun that this was supposed to be. Blow that whistle when it all gets to be way too much. Enforce coffee breaks, power naps, and walks outside. Provide an impromptu comedy show for some much needed laughs. You may not have any idea how soul-sucking Pinterest can be, but your partner probably does. Make the lightheartedness of your relationship cushion the bumps of planning. 

4. Help with tedious or everyday tasks
Sticking stamps on envelopes is something you'd do any day of the week. The difference is these are your wedding invitations or save the dates. You can also offer to pick up more chores around the house or run typical errands. Do the dishes, grab groceries. Anything that might chip away at the stress on both of your shoulders. These small jobs feel a lot more meaningful when you're in the process of planning a wedding.

Photo by  T  yler Rye

Photo by Tyler Rye

5. Remind him or her that you're on their side
When you're not heavily involved in the process it can feel a somewhat isolating for the other person. Simply sitting on the couch next to him or her while knee-deep in catering proposals or offering to give a neck massage after an overwhelming day are small gestures that will serve as a reminder that you're in this together.  

Photo by  Colleen Amelia