White Fir

Every year it seems the holiday season comes and goes quicker than the last. We attend holiday parties, we're moving and shaking to get our shopping done for friends and family, some even last minute (guilty!), and all of a sudden we have a minute to breathe and realize we completely forgot about mailing our holiday cards to the ones we love. Let's face it, 'tis the season, right?

Colleen and I made it our mission this year to take a moment to ourselves and enjoy this season and we did so by purchasing tickets to Secret Supper PDX and their Scandinavian themed event. It was our own holiday celebration and one that inspired me in so many ways. With location and details provided just 24 hours in advance, off we went to The Colony St. Johns for one memorable evening. 

Simple, yet stunning elements made our table feel like we were at this intimate lodge surrounded by 30 people, that although were strangers, felt like friends. Conversations were effortless, guests were in such positive spirits and the laughter felt like it never ended. 

Each course was so well thought, paired with beautiful wines and cocktails and there was not a time when someone was not approaching you because you were taking your last sip or eating your last bite. I appreciate experiences like this so much being that it's what I strive for in every event I design and execute. Service is key. 

As our chilly December day came to an end, we left with full stomachs, but even more so full hearts as we welcomed this season with gratitude. 

With Love,


Event Planning + Design by Eva Kosmas Flores, Christiann Koepke, Danielle Firle and catering by Tournant

Rentals Something Borrowed PDX + West Elm

Photography Colleen Amelia Photography



Mint & Mirth's Lady May Gimlet

In time for those spring weddings quickly approaching,  today we are pulling inspiration from Mint & Mirth's beautifully curated blog, Elegant Berry Gimlet for an Oregon Spring Wedding! What a better way to start of the weekend, than giving this cocktail a try. 


Lady May Gimlet: 

2 oz Aria Portland Dry Gin or other dry gin

1 sweet mint Tea Drop (or 1/2 oz peppermint tea)

1/2 oz mixed berry juice

dash of aromatic bitters

Combine all ingredients in a shaker over ice, shake well, then strain over ice and garnish with citrus.


Make sure to visit Mint & Mirth's full blog post to see more gorgeous photos by Sweetlife Photography


Photography: Sweetlife Photography / Styling & Floral: Swoon Floral Design / Venue: The Old Schoolhouse / Rentals: Something Borrowed / Calligraphy: Kelsey Malie Calligraphy



Sweet Mistake

You may be swearing off sweets for the new year, but don't forget about your wedding dessert which will taste that much better after your new years cleanse! 

Wedding desserts have come a long way from the traditional past of a single cake. When it comes to dessert couples are getting creative: doughnuts, s'mores, ice cream sandwiches to name just a few. Whatever dessert you choose, don’t get caught making these major sweet mistakes!

Bryan Rupp Photography 

Bryan Rupp Photography 

1. Ordering Too Much

Wedding cakes are very expensive and walking away with the entire bottom layer is a sad waste. While large tiered wedding cakes can be gorgeous, they can also be costly and often times go uneaten.

Kelsey’s rule of thumb for ordering a wedding cake is a slice per person for 75% of your guest count.

Aubree Lynn Photography

Aubree Lynn Photography

2. Not Ordering Enough

The only thing worse than walking away with an uneaten cake, is a dessert bar that is gone in mere seconds! When you’re ordering a dessert bar make sure to order enough. You’ve now given your guests variety (which they love!), but this also means they are going to want to try multiple goodies and because these cute little treats are bite size, they will likely put a few on their plate at a time and maybe even come come back for seconds.

Kelsey’s ordering rule of thumb for a dessert bars is 2 pieces per person. This will help balance out the unknown of who will have five and will have none.

3. Variety

Giving guests variety is a smart way to ensure your desserts will be eaten. Kelsey is a big fan of the dessert bar for this very reason. Your guests have specific dessert preferences, especially with cake- the red velvet cake you adore many of your guests may not. Ordering different flavors for different tiers on a cake or different types and flavors of smaller desserts helps aid this issue and satisfies all sweet tooths!

Anna Jaye Photography

Anna Jaye Photography

5. Tradition

All this talk about dessert bars does not mean you have to say farewell to your wedding cake. There is something lovely about a couple's first cake cutting, not only is it a perfect photo opp that likely generations of women in your family have partaken in, but it's a very sweet ceremonial part of the day.

Kelsey suggests doing a small 1-3 tiered cake to cut and serve alongside your dessert of choice.

6. Decor

When you have beautifully crafted desserts that someone likely put hours into creating, make sure to display them. Your cake table is a perfect way to show off the sweets people will soon be able to enjoy. Use simple flowers or a runner to draw more attention to the table and don’t forget to label your desserts -especially if any of them are allergy friendly ( a simple V for vegan, GF for gluten free will do, as those folks searching out vegan and gluten free items will know what to look for!).

Kimberly Kay Photography 

Kimberly Kay Photography