White Fir

Every year it seems the holiday season comes and goes quicker than the last. We attend holiday parties, we're moving and shaking to get our shopping done for friends and family, some even last minute (guilty!), and all of a sudden we have a minute to breathe and realize we completely forgot about mailing our holiday cards to the ones we love. Let's face it, 'tis the season, right?

Colleen and I made it our mission this year to take a moment to ourselves and enjoy this season and we did so by purchasing tickets to Secret Supper PDX and their Scandinavian themed event. It was our own holiday celebration and one that inspired me in so many ways. With location and details provided just 24 hours in advance, off we went to The Colony St. Johns for one memorable evening. 

Simple, yet stunning elements made our table feel like we were at this intimate lodge surrounded by 30 people, that although were strangers, felt like friends. Conversations were effortless, guests were in such positive spirits and the laughter felt like it never ended. 

Each course was so well thought, paired with beautiful wines and cocktails and there was not a time when someone was not approaching you because you were taking your last sip or eating your last bite. I appreciate experiences like this so much being that it's what I strive for in every event I design and execute. Service is key. 

As our chilly December day came to an end, we left with full stomachs, but even more so full hearts as we welcomed this season with gratitude. 

With Love,


Event Planning + Design by Eva Kosmas Flores, Christiann Koepke, Danielle Firle and catering by Tournant

Rentals Something Borrowed PDX + West Elm

Photography Colleen Amelia Photography



Childhood Groom

Having the opportunity to marry people for a living is just something I can't really explain. It's one of the most cherished and intimate times in people's lives. You have one shot, one day, one moment to get it all right. It's a hard feeling to describe, but addicting nonetheless. 

That same feeling intensifies when your childhood friend hires you to be that person. 23 years later and I sit here sharing his engagement shoot with who will soon be his wife. It's emotional. Just like watching my little sister marry this past Summer, it's weird how fast time flies. How fast we grow. How much we change. 

I remember so vividly our street hockey matches, the endless games of kick the can, learning how to ride a bike and when all of the neighborhood kids buckled into our newest roller blades as if we were the cast in our favorite Disney movie, Brink! It was those long summer nights we hoped the street lights would never come on, as that was our signal that it was time to go inside. That was us. Those memories will always be a part of me. Just like the people and those neighborhood kids, we are so deeply rooted with one another, whether we believe it or not.

When I started seeing pictures of his fiance (girlfriend at the time) and creepily (admit it, already, we all do it!) following his life and journey in San Francisco with this new woman via social media, I kept thinking how stunning she was, and is. 

Fast forward to today, writing about the journey Danielle and I get to take with them over the next year as we plan their destination wedding in Portland. It really is moments like these when I feel so fortunate for the people it brings back into my life. 

Tonight I reflect on the past, look forward to what lies ahead and wish Bobby and Julie an engagement full of health and happiness until we meet again. As adults. And marry you to your best friend. 




Photography by Ryan Peterson 

One Year Down

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” ― Anaïs Nin

Last week officially marked my first year as a Wedding Planner! The learning curve was high, but the gratitude and enjoyment even higher. What better way to celebrate year one than to look back on the biggest lessons that I learned coordinating weddings? 

Lessons Learned

  1. Double, triple, quadruple check anything going to print.

  2. Study every last detail before showing up onsite to a wedding. When any question is asked of you, you better know it off the top of your head! 

  3. Do not be afraid to be bossy (lucky for me, I'm pretty good at that) to those who need a little tough love. In addition, be incredibly kind and thank everyone working with you. It takes a village. 

  4. Print an additional copy of the vows- and have them on hand in case you need to run them down the aisle. 

  5. Some things you just can't prepare for . . . 

  6. We are herd animals at heart, if one person is hot, everyone is hot. Know your AC situation prior to an event in late July. 

  7. Hydrate all morning prior to a wedding, because as soon as you get onsite chances are you won't drink or sit down until you get home. 

  8. Always bring to weddings: extra printed timelines, double sided tape, multiple lighters, deodorant, Advil and water (just in case you do have a moment to hydrate). 

  9. Bring home a leftover doughnut, slice of cake, candy, etc. and the likelihood of your significant other rubbing your feet will greatly increase. 

  10. If in doubt- always ask! Asking means you are willing and eager to learn, and there is never a day we aren't learning. 

  11. Plan nothing the day after working a wedding. 

Cheers to year two!


Apples to Apples

While everyone is visiting the pumpkin patch, we felt it was time to embrace the other activities our beautiful state has to offer during this Fall season, so we packed our bags (OK we actually loaded up our cardboard boxes, let's get real here) and set off for a day in the orchards!

Upon arrival at Douglas Farm, we were greeted by bus, taking us out to the orchards and allowing us to explore all of the different apples this season on our own time. The bus would make it's way to and from the entrance to pick up new guests and we could decide when to hop back on, so it allowed us plenty of time to explore (snap candids!) and pick. There were couples loading boxes preparing for home baked apple pies. Unfortunately, 27 years later and boiling water is still a daunting task for me, so I was on the prowl for the perfect golden delicious apples to slice up with my morning yogurt (fancy, I know).  

Colleen and I bundled up and were able to enjoy a two hour window where the rain held off. It was perfect. We picked apples, laughed about where life has taken us this last year and even revisited our New Year's conversations we had of growth, change and how we look back at 2016 thus far and can only smile at how we've navigated through some of our highest highs and our lowest lows personally. 

Grab your friend, your loved one, your kids, your pet and get out there. The most simple, yet enjoyable experiences are in our own backyards, and so often it is easy to forget that. The fresh air and misty rain had never felt so good that Sunday. 

With love,


Bloguettes InstaCamp


Yes, you are reading that correctly and when I was first introduced to the term, the same thought crossed my mind: ‘There is no way that’s a real thing!’

In a society built on social media platforms, it is more than a real thing. Instagram has become one of, if not the most used mobile applications to build brands through visual and audio content. Providing viewers a glimpse of who you are, what you do and where you’ve been is just a small piece to this never ending puzzle.

Colleen and I spent an entire day with Bloguettes at the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs, California. Throughout the day, we traveled to different workshops surrounding Instagram: Branding, Editing, Lifestyle/Portrait, Styling and Landscape. It was their way of breaking down the different layers of Instagram and how to properly use this application to effectively reach your target audience.

Colleen at the Styling workshop! 

Colleen at the Styling workshop! 

For me personally, I am constantly trying to tackle the one thing I find most challenging in my position and that is being transparent with the face behind my brand and the work I produce. I want my audience to be able to relate to me as Kelsey Timberlake, but also enjoy the content I publish to promote Vanity Affair Events, while staying cohesive. It is a concept that weighs heavily on me as I am a firm believer you are your brand and your work reflects every ounce of that.

The famous @thatpinkdoor 

The famous @thatpinkdoor 

Social media is a powerful tool and InstaCamp reminded me just how powerful it can be when you create purpose and intention with each post, just don't forget to laugh your way through this journey and find a friend who can do it with you! 

Love (from a Happy Camper),