Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

It's hard to believe that tomorrow we welcome March and Spring will soon be here. Where has this year gone? Can we travel back in time? 

As we slow down and reflect on this past month, we are reminded of our weekend in Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, where two amazing human beings exchanged vows and shared in celebration surrounded by their closest family and friends from all over the world. 

Danielle and I arrived on Thursday, assembling welcome bags, delivering to resorts for when guests checked in. It's these little details that really make your loved ones feel so special and as we hand delivered, we too felt in the joy they would soon be greeted by. 

We witnessed a beautiful rehearsal at Carmel Mission on Friday afternoon and sent guests to rehearsal dinner while we ironed out any last details and laid out our plan for wedding day. We enjoyed a dinner for two at II Tegamino and threw ourselves into a bit of a food coma, but absolutely worth it and highly recommend if you ever find yourself in this beautiful place. 

We woke Saturday morning to misty rain and by Noon the clouds parted ways and we were standing under blue skies. It's amazing how the world works and I find myself saying it more often than not. It had been pouring the entire week and here we stood with sunshine, soft waves in the ocean and dry sand under our feet. Those moments are powerful and they always make me smile. 

This weekend was possible because of the amazing team that we collaborated with and for clients who allow us to create and execute a design we are confident with to reflect the environment they want to see, touch and feel. Because of all of them, we did just that. 

On this last evening in February, we're missing those soft ocean waves and the sand beneath or feet, but thankful for where our work takes us and the relationships we nurture along the way.

With Love,


Wedding Design & Coordination by Vanity Affair Events

Photography by Aubree Lynn

Floral Design by Gavita Flora

Stationery by Tie That Binds

Hair and Makeup by Blush Monterey 

Rentals by Chic Event Rentals

Reception La Playa Carmel

Styling of invitation suite Kaleb Norman James, photo by Amanda K

Bloguettes InstaCamp


Yes, you are reading that correctly and when I was first introduced to the term, the same thought crossed my mind: ‘There is no way that’s a real thing!’

In a society built on social media platforms, it is more than a real thing. Instagram has become one of, if not the most used mobile applications to build brands through visual and audio content. Providing viewers a glimpse of who you are, what you do and where you’ve been is just a small piece to this never ending puzzle.

Colleen and I spent an entire day with Bloguettes at the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs, California. Throughout the day, we traveled to different workshops surrounding Instagram: Branding, Editing, Lifestyle/Portrait, Styling and Landscape. It was their way of breaking down the different layers of Instagram and how to properly use this application to effectively reach your target audience.

Colleen at the Styling workshop! 

Colleen at the Styling workshop! 

For me personally, I am constantly trying to tackle the one thing I find most challenging in my position and that is being transparent with the face behind my brand and the work I produce. I want my audience to be able to relate to me as Kelsey Timberlake, but also enjoy the content I publish to promote Vanity Affair Events, while staying cohesive. It is a concept that weighs heavily on me as I am a firm believer you are your brand and your work reflects every ounce of that.

The famous @thatpinkdoor 

The famous @thatpinkdoor 

Social media is a powerful tool and InstaCamp reminded me just how powerful it can be when you create purpose and intention with each post, just don't forget to laugh your way through this journey and find a friend who can do it with you! 

Love (from a Happy Camper),